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Katherine, Founder and Editor

Hi! I am Katherine and am thrilled to share a part of my story with you.

I lost my beloved dog of 14 years almost a year ago. He had been my loyal companion since my teenage years and watched me grow into adulthood.

Losing him has been one of the more heartbreaking moments of my life (without a doubt). And, yet, it also brought me a sense of peace at the same time.

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Furry Aging began as my therapeutic activity and has now become my way of giving back to our aging dogs.

How It Started

I was not ready to get another dog (after my recent loss), but I was open to pet-sitting my friends’ dogs. And later, other people’s dogs.

So pet sitting became my side hustle.

As I began to welcome more and more dogs into my home, I realized many were reaching their golden years and needed special care. Not because they were in bad shape, but because it is important to maintain consistent good habits to prevent complications in the future.

Veterinary medicine and technology have also advanced so much, and there are many more resources to boost your dog’s quality of life.

I created this site because I wanted to share all my knowledge about caring for senior pets and support pet owners on the good and bad days. I hope you’ll join me in this adventure as I continue learning along the way.

The Inspo behind Furry Aging

This blog is dedicated to all the pups in my life (including my boarding dogs). 

This is Pretty, my first dog, and a beautiful soul indeed. Through her, I learned unconditional love and forgiveness, even when I believed I didn’t deserve it.

This is Mumi. He came into our lives 14 years ago with a spicy personality and a strong spirit. Yet with time he softened. This little guy keeps teaching us that love is the best medicine we can find.

Update: Mumi went to the dog’s heaven on August 11th, 2023. We are learning to live without your physical presence and finding you in our dreams ❤️‍🩹. We love you very much my little chicken.

This is Mickey, my partner’s family dog. He is also 14. We became close around Christmas last year, a difficult time for me. He taught me to live in the present.

Meet The Pack

Brenda, BSc in Animal Science

My name is Brenda Vitorino. I have a BSc in Animal Science and am currently pursuing postgraduate studies in animal nutrition. I work as an animal nutritionist technician at a pet food factory. I started my career with animals as a dog sitter and have been doing so since 2015. I currently have 6 dogs, none of them are seniors yet, but the great love of my life passed away in 2021 at the age of 18. There isn’t a day that I don’t miss him.

People say that having a puppy is the best thing in the world, but anyone who has had an elderly dog knows that the bond that was created over many years of love and coexistence is something unimaginable. One look, and we already know what goes on in those little whitish eyes. Nothing can be better than growing old next to the one you love. Unfortunately, they age a lot before us, so we have to give all the love and do our best to make their old age wonderful. 


Jessica, Animal Nutritionist

My name is Jéssica D’avila. I’m an Animal Nutritionist who’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in Animal Nutrition with a focus on pet food. Additionally, I’m completing a specialization in quality management of food factories.

I have a wonderful multi-species family that includes a 14-year-old miniature pinscher named Bob, who’s impressively healthy for his age, and a 6-year-old non-breed named Bebeca who’s almost entering her senile age. I also work as a Petsitter, and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by dogs of all ages. However, seniors are my passion.!


What You Can Expect:

We curate a variety of resources to help pet parents navigate this stage of their pet’s life:

Expert Articles and Tips

Our collection of expert articles covers a wide range of topics related to senior pet care, e.g. nutrition, exercise, managing common age-related conditions, etc.

These articles provide valuable insights and advice from professionals in the field.

Guides for Managing Age-Related Conditions

We deep-dive into how to manage chronic conditions in senior pets, such as arthritis, cognitive decline, and mobility challenges.

We aim to provide pet parents with the information they need to ensure their senior pets remain comfortable and happy.

Product Reviews

We feature independent reviews of products, including pet tech products, supplements, food, toys, training courses, and more.

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